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Wandering is a brand founded in 2016 by Giorgia Gabriele, its designer and creative director.
Wandering means discovering. Giorgia Gabriele with her collections recalls the excitement of a journey and recalls unforgettable adventures and exotic destinations through valuable textiles and handcrafted embroidery.
Strange and foreign lands come together and collide, giving birth to a series of day and night looks for the cosmopolitan woman who loves to distinguish herself with style.
Folk references, contaminated by traditional elements, draw fully from different cultures: geometric motifs and reminiscing decorative traditional costumes.
Looking at the world of travel – recalling styles and manufacturing processes. Each collection represents accurate research of costume, culture and production, totally Made in Italy using high quality textiles

Via Palermo, 16 | 20121 Milano
Tel +39 02.7862.2490 - Fax 02.7862.249
P.IVA 04670880964