The Milanese say, everything perfect comes in tre.

Natalie Ratabesi was born in London , raised i Rome, and now resides in Los Angeles. She studied fashion design at central Saint Martins, where she cought the eye of Jhon Galliano, who picked Ratabesi to work under him in Paris. she spent five years under Galliano working on Chrisyian Dior beforeshe was recruited to New York by Ralph Lauren. An impromptu meeting in New Yorkwith oscar de la Renta led to Ratabesi being appointed VP Creative

over the brand. She returned to her roots when Gucci brought her back to Italy to launch Gucci’s Premiere collection. Her legacy continued as Alberta Ferretti chose Ratabesi as the first designer ever named for Philosophy. She then delved into contemporary wear by helping Vince to expand the item-driven business into full-look fashion brand, and proved her mastery of versatility by leading Yeezy Season 4.
Ratabesi uses couture, RTW, and streetwear as pillars in building a new maison of her own. This is what she has been working towards all along—authenticity of spirit earned over a remarkable career. TRE by Natalie Ratabesi takes her back to her designer roots, but also push her farther into an effortlessly cool, feminine zone that fills a niche in the designer market.
TRE is a visceral labor of love based on what women really want in their closet, from gowns to denim, blouses to hoodies, interchangeable pieces that can be worn differently based on moods and needs. The collection encaptures fluidity. Women are fundamentally emotional creatures, particularly when it comes to style. Her vision is a wardrobe that will always reflect and elevate the full spectrum of emotions.
“If you do it right, it will last forever.” Natalie Ratabesi

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