Two sisters, one vision

Jessica and Vicky, sisters and founders of Jessie Western, have been trading with reservations in Arizona for over twenty-five years and are currently supporting over four thousand artists directly. Jessie Western specialise in rare and unusual stones with a passion for unique designs. We are also avid collectors of Native American Indian jewellery. Jessie Western have collaborated with Native American Indian artists in a natural and evolving way. We have forged close relationships with artists over the years. Native American Indians artists carve spirit animals for protection on their journey. The eagle seeks a higher perspective and widens vision. Jessica and Vicky are honoured to have been invited to many ceremonial dances over the years and, today, proudly share beautiful Native American Indian art within the show.


‘Keep it real’ is Jessie Western’s philosophy. They want you to be assured that every item you purchase is genuine, not a reproduction. Jessie Western also have a fine jewellery line: Jessica designs and draws each piece. All stones are ethically sourced and unheated. Each piece is hand built from scratch. We have an avid following that includes: Kendell Jenner, Kate Moss, Cameron Diaz, Kate Hudson, Brad Pitt, Anna Dello Russo, Erin O’ Connor, Jean Campbell, The Killers, Alessandra Ambrosio, Jordan Dunn, Johnny Depp, Dougie Poynter and Stella Tennant.

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