Founded by Ginevra Rossini, Give me Space, is inspired by space, and noticing its increasing trend in the art, design and fashion world, the founder felt the desire to create a brand that plays with this ongoing theme and translates its message in a playful manner to speak the language of Millennials.


Ended her studies in Economics and Management at Bocconi University in Milan, after graduating Ginevra has been working for Spring Studios between New York and London. Ginevra is extremely ambitious, and after having worked for Spring Studios, building collaborations through the creative industries (Art, Design, Film and Fashion) with institutions such as LVMH, TriBeCa Film Festival, Independent Art Fairs to name a few, she decided to create something special, with the goal of combining the best of these worlds through the lenses of Space, as NASA has been her obsession since her baby brother wanted to become an astronaut.

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