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In 1880 Giuseppe Cambiaghi founded a company dedicated to hats manufacturing.
In only few decades the Cambiaghi brand became a synonym of the finest quality in the industry, exporting their creations from Europe, overseas, to the Americas and the far East.
The production soon reached an impressive quantity of 33.000 hats per day, employing more than 1.500 people.
Sir Cambiaghi, was immensely popular amongst his employees, to such an extent that they used to adress him, informally, “Sciur Pepp”. In addition to being acknowledged as a great leader, he also gave ample attention and emphasis to social responsability and workers rights.

Cambiaghi today is a family company, that makes of its italian tradition and “always by hand and with love” craftmanship an added value. Setting an admirable standard of quality in the hats and luxury bags industry.
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