Milan: June 14th - July 14th
Instyle Showroom: Via Palermo, 16 - 20121 Milan

Paris: June 23rd - 27th
Le Marais, Paris
Milan: September 14th - October 14th
Instyle Showroom: Via Palermo, 16 - 20121 Milan

Paris: September 29th - October 3rd
Le Marais, Paris
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This is not a showroom,
this is your home.

A word of welcome from Charo Peralta, Founder and CEO

“Instyle was started to offer brands the level of expertise and attention they deserve, bringing them closer to the retailers that matter. We are passionate about what we do and who we represent. Beyond tailored advice and custom strategies, whoever enters the Instyle family can expect to receive the dedication and care they need to grow bigger and better season after season, from one market to the next.”

A full-service agency, a commited partner

Much more than a showroom, Instyle is a hub at the core of the buyer-brand relationship. Instyle supports brands throughout the entire process, from product to distribution, from logistics to communication.
Instyle boasts a portfolio of over 900 retailers worldwide, giving brands access to key markets.

Communication Instyle Showroom Milano


Instyle Communication was created in 2016 in order to provide brands, big and small, with the support of a full-fledged public relation and communication agency.

Distribution Instyle Showroom Milano


Instyle Distribution was started in 2011 to provide brands with complete logistic services. With warehouses in Europe and the US and a dual approach to import-export dynamics, Instyle offers full administrative support, risk management expertise and stock optimization.

Showroom Instyle Showroom Milano


Instyle Showroom has established itself as a leading name through a strong focus on the contemporary segment that is now at the forefront of the fashion landscape and a distinct “out-of-the-box” approach to style and creativity.

Production Instyle Showroom Milano


Instyle Production was established in 2017 to help clients launch their own lines by providing them with a design team and production facilities.
Based on the brand’s initial brief, Instyle provides style consultancy and commercial support, working alongside merchandisers and manufacturers

  • Communication
  • Distribution
  • Showroom
  • Production
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Showroom & Offices
Via Palermo, 16 - 20121 Milan - Italy -
Tel +39 02.7862.2490