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Von Vonni has been designing for as long as he can remember…
With a natural affinity for fashion, as a child his imagination ran wild as he drew up creations for his mother and grandmother. These sketches eventually manifested into reality as he constructed clothing from any materials he could
find — including, much to his parents dismay, the curtains from the living room.
Born in 1979, in the former USSR, Von Vonni immigrated to the U.S. in the early 1990’s. He studied at FIT in New York City, where he created the concept for his “TRANSFORMER” dress for a school project. This singular design has since been translated into a signature silhouette in jersey for his Von Vonni Collection. With stints at Marc Jacobs and Donna Karan, at 29 he debuted his eponymous collection to significant retail and editorial acclaim. Von Vonni prides himself on providing designer clothes at contemporary prices. The Von Vonni girl is drawn to his clean & wearable silhouettes as they allow her to express her innate style and glamour. By mixing soft, flowing shapes with more constructed offerings, Von Vonni’s lines are sophisticated yet wearable — and are all produced in NYC — the city that is not only Von’s home — but his muse.


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