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A childhood dream blossomed into reality when designer’s Roxanne and Ann-Fleur left their jobs in fashion to create the line, Roseanna. Since 2007, the two have collaborated to design a complete wardrobe drawing inspiration from the contrast in their styles and personalities, as well as their daily life and actual desires. In this case, Bustling Parisian city vs. beachy bohemian ease.
The french line defines itself by its attention to detail with beautiful fabrics and subtle but noticeable trims. Most popular are the patterned bikinis and the slouchy blazers.
Roseanna is the combination of the two designer’s surnames. It embodies the juxtaposition of their personalities, styles and reference points, as well as the friendship that unites them. Roseanna offers and complete wardrobe with a nonchalant-refined style. The selection of beautiful materials, the detail and quality trimmings that punctuate each piece are at the center of their creative process.


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Via Palermo, 16 | 20121 Milano
Tel +39 02.7862.2490 - Fax 02.7862.249
P.IVA 04670880964